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Our Mission

The mission of AlaBike is to promote cycling access, education and safety and to advocate for safer road environments for all users.

backroads century ridesAlabama Backroads Century Series

The AL Backroads Century Series is well underway. The next two ALBC Series Centuries are in/near Birmingham. The Tannehill Ironworks, Aug 9, and The Birmingham Bicycle Clubs’s 41st Annual Century, Sept 6.
This series of 10 centuries challenges riders to complete any four full 100-mile rides throughout the season, and promotes recreational riding throughout the state. Participants in the series will receive a custom 'Centurion' medal for each event completed and recognition as a Centurion on the website upon the completion of each ride. A commemorative embroidered patch showing each ride location will be awarded to riders who complete any four of the ten centuries in the series. Check out the
website and plan your season now!

The 3-foot Minimum Passing Bill dies on the House Floor

We won’t let up. In 2015, AlaBike will make sure that the bill is filed in both houses. There wasn’t strong opposition to it, but with such a short session and so many pressing issues, it didn’t get to the House until the last 2 weeks. We were told, it was never brought to a vote in favor of more important legislation. AlaBike will announce the time next year to contact your AL House and Senate reps and express your support for the bill.
Find you Rep here, on the left hand side of the page, enter your zip code+4!

2nd Alabama Bike Summit – Planning Begins for Spring 2015 in Montgomery

The City of Huntsville (COH) and AlaBike hosted a very successful first-ever North Alabama Bike Summit in Huntsville, Alabama. Speakers from all over Alabama, Louisville, Atlanta and even Oregon! Bicycle Cove bike shop in Huntsville provided a 2014 Trek 7.2 FX bicycle that was the main door prize for a lucky participant. Over 65 people registered, including the mayor of Anniston and Huntsville, as well as planners from several cities, including Montgomery and Auburn. The Summit theme was “Building Bicycle Friendly Communities
The AlaBike Hospitality Suite, Thursday at the Embassy Suites, was big hit, too!

MAP-21 is the NEW Federal Transportation Bill that became law Oct 1, 2012

Here is the MAP-21 summary

See the Complete Streets Policy Analysis

download the pdf here

Complete Streets policies formalize a community’s intent to plan, design, and maintain streets so they are safe for all users of all ages and abilities. Policies direct transportation planners and engineers to consistently design and construct the right-of-way to accommodate all anticipated users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, public transportation users, motorists, and freight vehicles.

Complete streets can be achieved through a variety of policies: ordinances and resolutions; rewrites of design manuals; inclusion in comprehensive plans; internal policies developed by transportation agencies; executive orders from elected officials, such as Mayors or Governors; and policies developed by stakeholders from the community and agency staff that are formally adopted by an elected board of officials. We group our evaluation of policies by type, to allow apples-to-apples comparisons.

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