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Advocacy References

Local Advocacy

Check out Alabama Cycling News for cycling info all over the state

Watch here for more information to come as these local commitees are being formed.


The City of Auburn – Cycle Auburn


Info to come

Fairhope AL

Baldwin County Trailblazers

The comprehensive plan contains bike friendly principles.


Huntsville Bicycle Safety and Advisory Committee (BASC)

The City of Huntsville Bicycle Safety Committee (formed in November of 2008) meets about monthly to address the needs of local bicyclists. The committee members represent local bicycle clubs, shops, AlaBike, LAB LCIs, cycling residents, and city officials: Mayor’s office, City council, Planning, Traffic Engineering, and the HSV Police Department (HPD). Click here to go to the See and Be Seen website (bikehuntsville) for more information.


Druid City Bicycle Club